Year in Review and Year in Preview

Season’s Greetings and Happy Holidays to all. It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. I have been training about as much as one can with an infant. We’re adjusting to having our little boy in our lives, and he is quite a blessing.

Late December is the time of the year when we commonly reflect on the past year and boldly resolve to do great things in the New Year. I’m no different than most of us, but as 2008 transitions into 2009, I wonder if I have it all wrong. Rather than set multiple goals or make multiple resolutions, why not set a single goal for 2009 and devise the ways and means to get there? Of course, the goal needs to be challenging and meaningful, and there needs to be a way to achieve that goal that fits into my life style of sometimes long working hours, occasional nights of little sleep, and the flexibility required to father a growing boy.

Reflecting back on 2008 in my kettlebell lifting, it is noted, quite simply, that I floundered and have an inability to follow simple directions. My numbers at the end of 2008 aren’t dissimilar to the beginning of 2008. My programming was all over the place, and I never stuck with anything long enough to truly test if what I was doing worked. To be brutally honest, I did not consult with the Office of Common Sense.

Simplicity, hard work, and consistency were missing for me in 2008. What is done is done.

Looking to 2009 –

Goal: Before 2009 closes, my goal is to score at least 205 combined repetitions of jerks and snatches with the 24kg kettlebell.

Means: Train the jerk and snatch five days per week. A Saturday through Wednesday five day week works best for me. It will look like this:

Jerks (double) for time
Snatch for time
One arm jerk or swings
Non-kettlebell finisher of some sort

Measurement: I’ve purchased a cheapo wall calendar from Office Despot. I’ll log my daily work on this calendar, and the red pen comes out if I miss a scheduled session.

For a few weeks, I am spending time with the 12kgs to work on my flexibility, wind, and overcome the mental block of 10:00 sets. Check back periodically for results.


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