Part I 24+24 long cycle; Part II Level 5 Basic; and Sandbaggin it

Saturday, 2-14-2009

Part I
16 swing – 1:00/side. 35/35.
24+24 long cycle. 2:00. 8, evenly paced. PR REPS. break.

Part II
24 long cycle – 1:30/side. 8 rpm. 2:00 break.
24 push press – 1:30/side. 10 rpm. 15/15. 2:00 break.
24 long cycle – 1:30/side. 10 rpm. 15/15
Totals (Part II only) – 13:00; 153 AHR; 183 MHR; 178 calories

Overall totals – 7,760 lbs., 162 reps.

It is noted that my previous max heart rate was 180, which fits into the formula and was the highest I had gotten it in a training session. Well, it’s really 183 (at least) and probably higher than that based on perception. What this means is that I have been sandbagging it for quite awhile. Those days are over! I am going to push it periodically to find out what my MHR really is.


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