Recent training

Catching up on entries. The bad news is I have a head cold. The good news is that I have set a couple of PRs in recent days. It seems as if my roughly three days of work, one day off and focusing on a quality money set is paying slow dividends.

Thursday night 3-26
20+20 long cycle – 5:00. 20 reps. (4,4,4,4,4). A time and a rep PR at this weight.
16+16 long cycle – 2:00. 12.
16 long cycle – 12:30. 100 reps. 8 rpm, switch every 5 reps.

Friday 3-27 – off

Saturday 3-28 – sick (head cold) and medicated

Sunday 3-29
16+16 long cycle – 10:00. 46 reps. (4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/10). Post surgery time and rep PR.
Avg HR – 150
Max HR – 171.
It’s about time I did a 10:00 set (it’s been well over a year and maybe two knee surgeries ago). The last minute sprint demonstrates that I can do 10:00 at a higher cadence next time. The best news is that my knee feels fine.


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