Doc said I had a nasty upper respiratory infection. Six days of antibiotics have cleared most of it, but I am still coughing.

This took a lot out of me, so I will be in a recovery mode for a couple of weeks to get back to my recent 5:00 20kg and 10:00 16kg 2ALC bests.

Monday night, 4/6/2009 (Recovery)
16+16 long cycle. 2:00. 10 reps; 1:00 break
Repeat for a total of 5 times; 50 reps.
Avg HR – 154
Max HR – 175

Tuesday, 4/7/2009 (Recovery)
20+20 long cycle. 2:10. 11 reps.
16+16 long cycle. 3:00. 19 reps. (7,7,6).
Avg HR – 138
Max HR – 168


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