Where I’ve Been

It’s been about four months since I have blogged. Life sometimes gets in the way of blogging and training. It’s all about priorities.

A very busy professional schedule coupled with a move to a new house more or less put me on an “enforced” break. I trained here and there, but nothing regular. Instead, I spent many of my evenings completing required repairs and moving. That’s right, I was the one who did most of our moving from the old household to the new.

Since my training time was constrained, I made a point of eating very, very cleanly. Coupled with manual labor, I lost over 10 lbs during the month of June. Sure, my training break was de facto by choice, but I’ve come back to the point where I really appreciate the bells.

I’m working with the 16kg in the biathlon, doing a money set of jerks and a money set of snatches. My only goal for now is to get used to training 6 days a week – 5 days with the two biathlon money sets and on the sixth day, a single set of long cycle. If I do enough of that, and pace myself, good things with heavier weights will come. All in due course.


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